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Travel to & around Sofia

International airports

There are international airports in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, and Burgas. Direct charter flights are available to the Black Sea airports in Varna and Burgas during the summer season. The most updated information about direct flights to/from Sofia is available HERE.

By metro

The metro station at Sofia Airport is located in the eastern part of Terminal 2. You can reach it by following the floor markings in blue at the public area of Terminal 2.

The metro trains on the route to the airport operate from 5:30 a.m. to midnight on weekdays and weekends/holidays.

Sofia Metro Line 1 connects Sofia Airport to the city centre and provides direct connection from the airport to the large residential complexes in close proximity – “Druzhba” and “Mladost”, as well as to more distant complexes to the west – “Zapaden Park” and “Lyulin”. The journey time from Sofia Airport to the city centre is approximately 18 min.

Changing trains from Line 1 to Line 2 at Serdika Metro Station, passengers can travel from the airport to Sofia Central Bus and Railway Stations in under less than half an hour.

More information is available HERE.

By bus

The 84 bus route connects the city centre (Gen. Gurko Str.) with Sofia Airport Terminal 2 and Terminal 1. It then goes back along Christopher Columbus Blvd. – Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. to Gen. Gurko Str.

The 184 bus route connects city centre (Gen. Gurko Str.) with Sofia Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. It then goes back along Christopher Columbus Blvd. – Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd. – Gen. Gurko Str.

Both bus routes operate under an all-day timetable. The exact times, including the first and last buses, are published at the Urban Mobility Centre. The journey time from the first to the final stops of 84 and 184 bus routes is approximately 45 minutes on weekdays, and 35 minutes at weekends and holidays.

Tickets and baggage

At Sofia Airport you can buy tickets for the public transport at the kiosks of Urban Mobility Centre or at Razprostranenie na Pechata (RP) in the public areas of Terminal 2, as well as from a ticket vending machine, installed at Terminal 1 Arrivals public area.  The machine works with Bulgarian levs and coins and the issued tickets are valid for bus lines 84,184 and 384.

Ticket machines for metro tickets are located at Sofia Airport Metro Station. The ticket machines accept Bulgarian banknotes and coins, and one of them accepts credit cards as well.

Passengers with regular transport documents are allowed to take up to 2 pieces of hand luggage on public transport vehicles free of charge. Any additional pieces of luggage are charged with a separate transport document.

More information is available HERE.


The most secure way to take a taxi in Sofia is to order one via phone, internet or apps.

You can also take a taxi on the street by just waving a hand to an approaching taxi-cab. On every cab there is a light indicator on the front window. Green light means that the taxi is free, red light means the cab is busy. At key places like Sofia Airport, Central Bus Station, Central Railway Station, Palace of Justice etc. taxis are already waiting ready to take new customers.

We advise you not to hail taxis on the street. Most taxi drivers don’t speak English and there are some unscrupulous fake taxis in the city. You should always pay attention to dishonest drivers in order to avoid paying more than the average fare.

Average fares are the following:

  • avg. initial (starting) fare: 0.70 BGN* or 0.35 EUR**;
  • avg. fare per kilometre / daytime (6:00 AM – 22:00 PM): 0.80 BGN or 0.40 EUR;
  • avg. fare per kilometre / night-time (22:00 PM – 6:00 AM): 0.90 BGN or 0.45 EUR;
  • avg. waiting fare per minute: 0.22 BGN or 0.11 EUR (this is often when the car gets stuck in  traffic or is waiting at a traffic light).

*BGN=leva (BGN is the abbreviation for the Bulgarian Leva currency).

**The official exchange rate in Bulgaria is: 1 EUR = 1.95 BGN.

Sofia Public Transport

Public transport in Sofia consists of a comprehensive network of buses, trolleybuses, trams and metro lines. Public transport in Sofia starts to operate every day at 5:00 in the morning and finishes at 24:00. You have to buy a ticket and if you have with you any luggage that takes up about as much space as another person, then you have to buy one extra ticket for that. Generally, with that ticket you can ride the trams, buses and trolleybuses. Metro tickets have to be bought separately, but the price is the same.

Timetables and schedules can be found HERE.


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