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Plenaries & Workshops

Day 1: 4 June (Thu)

Welcome and Opening Ceremony



Keynote Speech



Customer onboarding online


During the workshop participants will learn about cost and time effective ways of aquiring new customers on-line. The audience will learn about best practices and risks they should take under consideration. Participants will also get to know what KPIs should be tracked and what type of deals they should make with the agencies to ensure their investment into online marketing is properly spent. They will also learn how to build an effective table of suppliers in online marketing. On top of online business areas participants will be able to go through financial and technological constraints of their digital presence.          

Advancing financial health


A variety of initiatives have been deployed over the past decade to understand more about the financial health of individuals and micro-entrepreneurs. There is a growing awareness that the well-being of a micro-entrepreneur is directly affected by the financial performance of their enterprise. During this session, participants will learn more about the most recent EMN-MFC initiatives on financial health and they will hear from organisations that have developed best practices in this area.

EC Update on EaSI programme: A closer look into Code updates on the transparency of pay structures in MFIs


Participants will have a chance to learn about the current EU budget support and also better learn what to expect for the future budget support in the next mutiannual financial framework. Special attention will be paid to updates in the European Code of Good Conduct.

Fintech pitch


The Fintech Pitch will create space for technology companies working with business lenders, fintechs, microfinance institutions and other finance players to encourage innovation and partnership building in Europe and Central Asia. During the session, selected fintechs will get to present their organisations and promote their solutions for financial inclusion. 

The digital empowerment of clients


One of the impediments to digital financial services is the low readiness of clients to use digital channels. At the same time, with the world becoming ever more digital, clients will also need to digitalise their businesses, not to mention the way they access financial services. This session will discuss the role of financial institutions in empowering clients, as well as look at examples of good practices.

Technological solutions for efficiency, scale and growth


The objective of the session is to review various technological solutions for microfinance institutions that support the providers in increasing scale, outreach and efficiency. After the short presentation of effective solutions, the group work will help the participants to share the experience.

Change management


Globalisation and the rapid innovation in technology result in a constantly evolving business environment where processes, individuals, and teams have to change and adapt faster than ever. Organisational change directly affects all departments and profits as well as, depending on how it is navigated by leading management, employee morale and the work environment. This session in Change Management aims to give an overview of the ways to prepare, support, and help make these challenging organisational changes.

Microfinance and its role in the demographic crisis


All Eastern, Central and South-eastern European countries are facing a massive emigrational wave. In this context–although microfinance still plays a key role in promoting access to finance as financial literacy remains very low–what appears as the major current challenge relates surprisingly to demographics. How will the SME and micro-enterprise landmark be affected by such demographic and economic changes? Is it an opportunity or a threat? What challenges are MFIs currently facing in this regard? This session will address these questions and present relevant initiatives tackling this issue.   

Gala Dinner at the National History Museum



Day 2: 5 June (Fri)

Investor plenary


This interactive session with impact investors will focus on the latest trends and developments in impact investing, ranging from climate response to digitalisation of microfinance and support to the fintech sector. The session will discuss the motivations, expectations and future plans of investors vis-à-vis the financial sector.

Rural finance innovation


During the workshop, participants will get the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in providing financial services to businesses engaged in agriculture. The presented innovations will include new products and services offered in response to climate change, new ways of serving clients in remote areas, and solutions to improve the quality of products and services.    

Leaders in the digital era


In the future world of dramatically amplified digital connectivity, the hierarchical practices of leadership in centralised organisations will be fragile in the decentralised world. Firm structures will give way to shape-shifting organisational forms that function like organisms. Therefore, the future will require a new understanding of leadership all the while maintaining certain leadership qualities. The workshop will introduce ten new leadership skills to take advantage of VUCA (Volatility – Uncertainty – Complexity – Ambiguity) opportunities, and will also look at how to agilely sidestep the dangers. The new skills will help any leader to fulfill the needs on the market.

Advocacy tools at EU Level


This workshop will help map the advocacy initiatives that the networks lead at EU level and will also focus on national-level initiatives led by practitioners and networks. Special attention will be paid to strategies that can be leveraged across Europe.              

Closing ceremony



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