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Pre&Post Conference

Pre-conference: 3 June (Wed)

Microfinance Associations Summit


This meeting will provide an opportunity for representatives from national microfinance associations to share their experiences on digitalisation in their respective countries, to discuss the role of associations in supporting their members in their own digitalisation journeys, and to discuss opportunities, challenges and solutions related to digitalisation. The meeting will be facilitated by MFC and is by invitation only.      

Investment Readiness Training


This is a training tailored to the needs of microfinance institutions who need support to help match investor expectations with their needs. Participants will learn to navigate the complexity of contractual arrangements and to negotiate successfully with investors, lenders or funders. Investors, represented by the European Investment Fund (EIF) and other private organisations, will present their expectations and share practical knowledge about fundraising strategies.  

Microfinance workshop on the Code – best practice in implementation and future reforms


The workshop will present some case studies for Code compliance, non-compliance, post-code consultancy as well as an overview on the latest Code reforms.

MFC Membership meeting



EMN General Assembly



Joint MFC and EMN membership meeting



MFC & EMN membership cocktail



Post-conference: Day 2: 5 June (Fri)



The CEO FORUM Summit is an exclusive space for leaders of microfinance institutions to discuss challenges, share their experience and expand their knowledge and practice horizons. The CEO FORUM Summit creates an atmosphere of mutual trust and personal comfort which will stimulate an open dialogue between the participants, a healthy debate, and creative thinking opportunities.

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