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Tirana International Airport Nënë Tereza is Albania's only international airport. It is commonly known as Rinas International Airport, as it is located in the village of Rinas 11 km northwest of Tirana. In 2001, the airport was named after Mother Teresa. It serves as a focus city for Alitalia, Blue Panorama Airlines, and Adria Airways.


How to get from the Tirana Airport to the City

By Bus

Rinas Express operates 12 hours (6 am to 6 pm) as an hourly bus service between the Airport and the National Museum in the centre of Tirana. The single fare is 250 Albanian Lek.


By Taxi

The fastest way to get to TIA is by taxi. Such a service is available in all Albanian cities and urban areas, with the main cities operating a call-service. The journey from Tirana to the airport takes 20–25 minutes, depending on traffic, and costs about 2,500 Leke (18 EUR) one way.

Tirana Airport taxi service is provided by ATEx shpk. is the website that offers to all passengers the ability to reserve taxis in advance,


We would recommend that passengers use only licensed taxis, which are yellow with a red ATEx logo and the airport logo on both sides of the vehicle. At the airport, these taxis park in front of the terminal and also at the pick up area of the terminal.


By Car

Tirana International Airport is located 17 kilometers outside Tirana, the capital of Albania, and is easy to reach via the new access road from the Tirana - Durres motorway.


Public Transport


Tirana has a few bus lines. A ticket costs 30 lek per ride regardless of distance, to be paid to the conductor on board. Buses run every 6-15 minutes between 05:00 and 22:00. The days of dilapidated old state buses conking out in the middle of the road are over - Tirana has a fleet of modern and privately-run buses, liberally dipped in advertising.


Furgons are small, privately operated minibuses, usually carrying between 8 and 20 passengers. they happen to be the most commonly used, fastest, and generally most convenient way of making your way around the country.

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