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MFC Members


Becoming a member

We ask potential members to complete a two-step application process. The application form is a standard declaration of intent, and the profile form is a short presentation of your institution and its involvement in microfinance. Download the relevant documents here

The membership fee is EUR 500 per calendar year (1 January - 31 December). It covers the membership of the organization from the country specified on the membership application and does not extend to branches or affiliated organizations located in other countries.

Please note: data on portfolio size, outreach and profitability should be listed as of the previous finanial year. This information will be used in an overview of member statistics, and published on the MFC website.


Submission and decision process

Applications should be sent to the MFC team via email: Your application will be reviewed within 7 days, and we will contact you with further news.

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GUARANT International spol. s r.o.
Českomoravská 19, 190 00  Прага 9, Чешская Республика
Телефон: +420 284 001 444 | Факс: +420 284 001 448
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