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Social Program


Gala Dinner

Date June 23, 2016
Time 20:00 - 23:00
Venue Presidential Palace, Pallati i Brigadave, Kodrat e Liqenit, Rruga e Elbasanit, Tirana, Albania
Dress code formal


How to get to the Presidential Palace

Transfers is organized for all the participants due to the following schedule:

Tirana International hotel – Presidential Palace

(meeting point – registration desk)
Presidential Palace – Tirana International hotel 22:15


Map can be found HE RE


The Presidential Palace, popularly known as the Palace of Brigades (Alba nianPallati i Brigadave), is the official residence of the President of the Republic of Albania. The Palace, located in Tirana, was commissioned by HM King Zog I to serve as his main official residence. In 1945, it ceased to serve as a Royal Residence because the Monarchist regime was substituted by a Comm unist-ruled Government. Since 1946, it has been used by the Government of Albania for holding official Ceremonies and State Receptions.

In 2013, the Presidential Palace became an official residence once again, when President Bujar Nishani and his family moved in to a reconstructed Vi lla inside the grounds of the Palace.



The idea to build a Royal Palace on one of the hills of Sauk, near what was later to become the Grand Park of Tirana, was first conceived by HM King Zogu I in the 1930s. Because of the limited funds of the nascent Albanian state, the then Minister of Finance entered into negotiations with a group of Italian financiers. An agreement was made for the opening of a National Bank and for a loan of 50,000,000 gold francs (approximately 10,000,000 gold dollars). Part of this loan was earmarked for the construction of his official residence, making it possible for the King to secure the funds to build the Royal Palace. The new palace was designed by three Italian architects, including Giulio Berte. Due to the outbreak of World War II, and the 1939 Italian Invasion of Albania, King Zog I fled Albania and never had a chance to see the Palace fully constructed. The Italians finished construction and used the Palace mainly for the Army Headquarters. The building was redesigned and completed in 1941, by the Florentine architect Gherardo Bosio.

The building served as a functioning Royal Palace only once, for King Vittorio Emanuele III of Italy during his only visit to Albania in May 1941. During the remainder of World War II it served as the official residence. In 1945 the Palace was renamed as the Palace of the Brigades, a name which remained in use throughout the Communist regime, and is still used popularly and by the Albanian media. During the Communist regime it served mainly as a government Reception facility.



Architecturally, the Palace belongs to a style of modernist architecture, known as Monumental Rationalism. It is unique in its genre, not only in Albania but in the wider sphere of Fascist-era architecture, including in Italy itself. The Palace's bas-reliefs were covered with drapes in the '70s during the Cultural Revolution, but not destroyed. Nevertheless, the Palace as a whole is in dire need of restoration. A description of the then new (and unfinished) Royal Palace appeared in the issue of Life dated May 22, 1939.



Because of its situation near the Grand Park of Tirana, the palace gardens are quite extensive. The Royal Palace is surrounded by trees for nearly 200 meters. The gardens are decorated in patterns and shapes of various designs. The palace also has a tennis court.


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