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Tour Name Duration Prices Tour date/time
Tirana daily Tour 5 hours 39€ / person  Daily / 10.00 AM
Kruja: “Albanian medieval legend” 6 hours 44€ / person  Daily / 09.45 AM
Apollonia 6 hours 57€ / person  Daily / 08.45 AM 
Dajt national park 3.5 hours 36€ / person  Daily / 10.00 AM, 14.00 PM  
Communism dictatorship in Albania 2.5 hours 19€ / person (14€ for students) Daily / 10.00 AM
Evening Walk in Tirana 2 hours 19€ / person (14€ for students) Daily / 19.15 PM


Tours description

Tirana daily Tour

Duration 5 hours
Prices 39€ / person
Tour date / time Daily / 10.00 AM

City tour in the Skanderbeg Square, the central hub of the city, named after the Albanian hero, Skanderbeg. Visit to Et'hem Bey Mosque built on 1824, the Clock Tower, National Historic Museum built in 1981, the Tabakëve’s Bridge date from the beginning of the 20th century, the Palace of Culture, where the Theatre of Opera and Ballet and the National Library stand. Than, we will have a walk and a coffee at the Bllok area (Tirana’s famous bar/clubs area, and ex-communist forbidden zone).


Kruja: “Albanian medieval legend”

Duration 6 hours
Prices 44€ / person
Tour date / time Daily / 09.45 AM

Visit the unique Skanderbeg Museum inside the restored castle and the Ethnographical Museum. The street leading up to the castle is built in the style of a Turkish bazaar; we can stroll along the old bazaar which has a wonderful selection of authentic antiques and souvenirs.



Duration 6 hours
Prices 57€ / person
Tour date / time Daily / 08.45 AM

Apollonia, founded in 588 BC and taken by Aristotle as a model in his analysis of oligarchy, because of its distinct and separate Greek and Illyrian communities. It was a vital stronghold in Caesar's civil war with Pompey and also important in early Christian history with its bishop attending the councils of Ephesus and Chlalkis in 431 and 451 AD.

Visit to its museum, Shen Meri Monastery and Church.


Dajt national park

Duration 3.5 hours
Prices 36€ / person
Tour date / time Daily / 10.00 AM, 14:00 PM

Dajti National Park, Albania, also known as Tirana's Natural balcony, is located 26 km to the east of Tirana. It is situated at a distance of 50 km from the Rinas International Airport at an elevation of 1612 meters above the sea level. In winter, the mountain is often covered with snow, and it is a popular retreat to the local population of Tirana that rarely see snow falls. Its slopes have forests of pines, and beech. Dajti National Park, Albania commands a spectacular view of the capital. Dajti National Park, Albania is spread on a sprawling 3,300 hectares of land on the Dajti Plain, which is the converging point of visitors to Dajti.

After arrive in national park of Dajti via its lift Dajti Ekspres, we have lunch restaurant where you can enjoy the great views and nature.


Communism dictatorship in Albania

Duration 2.5 hours
Prices 19€ / person (14€ for students)
Tour date / time Daily / 10.00 AM

The best place to get more information about Albania’s communism régime years is the National History Museum which has a large hall dedicated to the period. In this hall you’ll be briefed about communism dictatorship in Albania, where you’ll be introduced starting from the 2nd WW’s communism birth, full installation, prisons, political judgments, death penalties, bunkers, etc. until the first democratic protests, and finally the installation of democracy in 90’s.
Than, we continue with “Skanderbeg” square where ex-communist leader Hoxha’s bust was erected after his death, and destroyed in 1992 from massive democratic protests. Later walk on ”Deshmoret e Kombit” Boulevard where the statue of Lenin and Stalin stood. Behind the Ministry of the Interior on Blv. “Dëshmorët e Kombit” was the headquarters of the Sigurimi i Shtetit exintelligence service. We visit the ex-Enver Hoxha Pyramid which was built in his honor after his death. Nowadays it is “converted” as “Pjeter Arbnori” International Culture Center (to honor one from the survivals of the communism imprisoned for 25 year, and who was elected the first pluralist head of Albanian pluralist Parliament. We end up the walking in “Bllok” which in communist era was forbidden to the public and protected by armed guards. This was the residential area of mean Communist Party leaders like Dictator Enver Hoxha’s villa. Today, it is the most famous entertainment area of Tirana where famous “Xhiro” is held. Return to hotels or nearest point.


Evening Walk in Tirana

Duration 2 hours
Prices 19€ / person (14€ for students)
Tour date / time Daily / 19.15 PM

Enjoying the city of Tirana on a magic evening atmosphere created by night. Tour starts from Skanderbeg Square with the mosaic of the National Museum, Et’hem Bey Mosque, the elegant government buildings, Fine Arts Gallery, Hotel Dajti, and Rinia Park. Than we walk across “Zhan D’Ark and “Bulevardi Bajram Curri” boulevards by Lana River’s bridge, (Photo stops) than and we arrive to the ‘Pyramid’. Next is the Prime Minister’s Building (the ex-Communist Party headquarters), and in front of it is the Parliamentary Offices. Beyond Rruga Ismail Qemali is the Hotel Rogner Europapark, and a little further the Palace of Congresses and in front of it is the Presidential Building. This building was the Soviet embassy until 1961. At the end of main boulevard is “Mother Teresa” Square, named to honor the most famous Albanian nun of the 20th century. Around this square we see the Archaeological Museum, the Art Academy and Polytechnic University. This square is cosmopolitan meeting place. Return to hotels or nearest point.

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